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At Maker Party – Part 2 of 3

On the event day(6th September) we (all volunteers) reached early at the event venue. We had to take and arrange the partners’ stuff at the venue. We at the last moment changed the plan to move partners to the classrooms. The weather was unpredictable. People coming to the event had to register first and then were handed out the event schedule.
We started at 10am. Sayak introduced Mozilla and Vineel talked about Hive. Mark arrived just after we started. Sessions were going on in one classroom and partners booth were setup in different classrooms. The Exhibition started at 12 noon. Till then all booths were set up. All were excited about the exhibition. Rohit Lalwani explained the Fools theory of success. Suyash Kamat explained Film making and also showcased some of his own work. People were already at the booth before the exhibition started at 12pm. Here’s what everyone’s been doing at their booth.

Robo Inventions:
These guys had a Quadcopter. They were demoing as well as explaining the technicalities of the Quadcopter.

Redd Robotics:
Surendranath Reddy from Redd Robotics had a 3D printer with him. He was tirelessly explaining the awesomeness of 3D printing. People were amazed to see live 3D printing of an owl. Most of the guys/gals were like, “Can i take this one home?”. Surendranath Reddy was kind enough to give away a few 3D printed owls as souvenirs.

Makers Asylum:
These guys were amazingly enthusiastic about making. They had pipe lamp, 3D pen and few other tools which they use. Here’s where people were experimenting with their creativity. The result was creative stuff coming out of it.

These guys made different kind of drones. They were showcasing some of their work. They explained how they made drones with minimal stuff. The most amazing thing about these drones was they were all automated.

Antfarm Robotics:
Subojit Basu from Antfarm Robotics was explaining about swarm robotics and home automation. Swarm is all about how ants(robots) make their own decision about collecting maximum food for reproduction.

Vinay Mehta from Urbanbyte was explaining about creative photography and technical aspects of it. He was also showcasing trigger trap with explaining the use and advantages.

Internet of Things:
The guys at Internet of Things had arduino and tah, one of their own making. They were showcasing and explaining the amazing applications of arduino and tah.

Art and Craft:
Diwanshi Pandey initiated the Art and Craft community into Mozilla. She was showcasing her work as well as explaining how art and craft can be made with minimal things.

Webmaker sessions started after lunch. People experimented with Thimble, X-ray goggles, Popcorn and Appmaker. They remixed some of the makes. We were totally amazed with the dedication with which the people were working on their remixing.

Before closing the event Mark Surman how Mozilla and its initiative Hive is working towards bringing the educators/makers together. He also explained how important we are in making this happen.
We selected the best makes that happened in the Webmaker sessions and gave away swags to their remixers. We had a group photo after formally closing the event.A big thanks to SICSR. They readily agreed to us for the venue. They helped us in every way they could. 400+ people attended the event. Collaboration, Sharing of Ideas, Fun and Creativity, these things happened. In short, the Maker Party Pune was a big success.

The Maker Party Group Photo
The Maker Party Group Photo

Thats’ all with Event day. Read the next blog about what happened at the Community meet-up. Thanks! for reading. 🙂

Before Maker Party – Part 1 of 3

This all started when we started to think that we should have a big event. We also thought that how can this event be different, and the answer was Hive.
The concept of Hive is to bring the makers/educators together to promote maker culture.

When we started planning for the event, we had a few questions:
1. How many partners?
That’s something we didn’t know initially. As the planning went on, the number was settled to 12.

2. What kind of partners?
This was the question which was most discussed. We were not sure what kind of partners are ‘right’ for the event. We went with the partners which we already knew and/or already worked with.

3. How many people to target?
We thought 200 would be the target as we had little time with us.

4. How to make the best use of the venue?
Since the event would have drones and Quadcopters, we would need open space. We decided to use the PARKING of the Venue. We decided to make it a fair style, where people could see all the things.

Getting the partners
What we did for getting the partners is, sent an email to them. 🙂 Almost everyone immediately responded with confirmation. Some were friends, friends of friends and the partners we already worked with (wouldnt call them partners, more of friends ).
We pitched in a few ideas like DJing, Graffiti, Drum circle, which we pursued but couldn’t work out. Some contacted us and asked if they can partner with us. We were more than happy to say yes to new partners. Some of the partners also agreed to sponsor us in cash or/and kind.

Final list of Partners:
1. Redd Robotics
2. Robo Inventions
3. Makers Asylum
4. Ant Farm Robotics
5. Josh Software
6. Internet of Things
7. Urbanbyte
8. Origami – Gune Sir
9. Film making – Suyash Kamat
10. Rohit Lalwani – Fools theory of Success
11. Navstik
12. Uber Cabs – provided free rides to the venue


Doing the Ground work
Ground work consisted of numerous activities. Marketing, Logistics, Hospitality, Permissions etc.

The nearest hotel to the venue was Hotel Sahara. accommodation was arranged for few partners along with the mozillians. SICSR was kind enough to give the initial booking amount to the hotel. Air and Train tickets were arranged as per availability.

The people who arrived on 5th September 2014 Dinner was arranged at Sukanta. On the event day breakfast and lunch for partners was arranged at the venue. After event dinner was arranged at Skye Lounge. Mark Surman and Clarice Wang were picked up from the Airport by Priyanka. Tripad’s Nano was always at service. Red Bull was also served free of cost.

We printed a few hundred posters for the event. The initial plan was to put up the posters at the near by colleges and we did that. Posters were put up in almost 35-40 colleges. We also set up a Meet-up group for the event. We went viral on social media posted about the event where ever we could. Word of mouth was important, we told as many people we met/came across.

Poster for Maker Party Pune.
Poster for Maker Party Pune.

We contacted local radio stations, but they were packed because of the Ganesh Festival going on. We also contacted other media agencies/newspapers. Pune Mirror featured our event on the Event page.

Maker Party Pune fetured in Pune Mirror
Maker Party Pune featured in Pune Mirror

All permissions were taken from the respective authority beforehand. Letter from SICSR was also issued to other colleges regarding their permissions to put up posters in their colleges.

Thats’ all with the Before Maker Party. Read the next blog about what happened at the Maker Party. Thanks! for reading. 🙂