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Gnunify ’14

                              Gnunify is one of the biggest open source events in pune. Every year like every open source community Mozilla presence was there. With Mozilla there was Wikipedia, Drupal to name a few. Every year Mozilla arranges hackathons, talks and hands on sessions. But this year it was done differently. Booths were dedicated to each Mozilla’s project.

The people coming at the booths were curios to know about the different projects of Mozilla. Webmaker, Privacy & Security, FSA & Reps, MDN, Localization. The idea of the booth was to give people the choice to know what they want. This motive was very successful. People asked questions, were given hands on so they can experience better. This was the scene till the lunch time. After lunch the keynote speaker Josh Matthews gave the talk on how to start contributing to Mozilla. Soumya Deb introduced Firefox OS after Josh’s session. This was the first day.

               On the second day, we started with talks. They were as follows:

  • * Diwanshi Pandey – Webmaker
  • * Priyanka Nag – MDN
  • * Aniket Deshpande (Me!) – Localization
  • * Ankit Gadgil – Privacy & Security
  • * Josh Matthews – Rust
  • * Soumya Deb – Firefox OS
  • *Sarabh Shah & Aniket Deshpande – FSA & Reps

About My Talk


           I started my talk by asking , what is localization? Just to know everybody was awake!! 😛 I took the conventional way and presented the slides (Thank you Slideshare!). After presenting the slides I talked about how to join different l10n teams in detail.  I contribute in Marathi Localization of Firefox Aurora. So I explained Pootle Demo ( in detail. I also shared some issues like configuring the keyboard to the desired language, managing word count, and last but not the least what to localize and what not to.

FSA & Reps

           Saurabh started the talk with the different streams in which one can contribute. He then handed over. FSA (Firefox Student Ambassador) program is there to start off the contribution from the students at very early stage. Writing blogs about events at your Firefox Clubs, sharing Picutres, is a way to show the world what you have been doing. FSA program is also about having a new leadership. This will make more contributors (not just event attendees).

                It was a year ago. At Gnunify, after listening  to Soumya Da on How to start contributing to Mozilla, I started contributing. And here I was, Gnunify again but this time as a Speaker. Amazing feeling! 🙂


It was first day at FUEL-GILT 2013. I met fellow mozillians Biraj, Chandan, Naresh. I was all excited to meet arky as i heard and read a lot about him. Arky along with his collegue Peiying arrived as the conference started. I introduced myself to arky at the tea break. Arky greeted everyone in their languages. First day of the conference was busy, couldn’t interact much.
The second day of the conference was very fruitful. Arky and Peiying exchanged their experiences with fellow mozillians at tea breaks and at lunch. I particularly remember one where Arky explained how things have changed over the years and how people are getting less interactive these days. Gate crashing at the parties is the secret how he evangalizes. There is no recipie how one should evangalize, improvisation is the key. I explained my approach, as a citizen of a society you have a moral responsibility to contibute to the society. In the same way as a netizen(Internet citizen) you have a moral responsibility to contribute to the web.
As the conference ended, mozillians at the venue were excited about the meet. We along with Arky and Peiying gathered at Hotel Blue Nile. We chose Blue Nile because Arky knew the place. Arky visited Blue Nile about 2 years ago, hotel owner still remembers him. We chose a quiet place to sit and ordered some food. We started introducing ourselves. Food was now in the plates, Arky asked us to shoot the questions (be it anything!). I know some Spanish and learning Bengali. I asked, “How do you learn new languages?”. “I see the videos that are made for children” Arky replied. He further explained, “It helps in understanding the language as small and easy sentences are used”.
Arky then explained Mozilla’s mission. Mozilla has no investors so it is not answerable to anyone but people, that is the key for innovation. With Netscape, Mozilla broke the monopoly of proprietary browsers. Mozilla stands for open web and strives for it.
Anish, who is Arky’s friend and a Redhat employee was also with us. He explained how asking questions helps. Peiying distributed the swag among all. Arky explained that he connects two like-minded people and puts them to work. Arky always has ‘let’s do it!’ attitude. He told us, lack of determination power is stopping you from doing a lot of things. He gave us an example of a girl in Nairobi. She wanted to go to hackers school in US, but couldn’t go. Now, she has raised enough money and bringing hackers school in Nairobi.
We all decided to leave as it was already getting late. It was two days of awesome interaction with Arky and Peiying. A lot of takeaways from the meetup. Thanks a lot Arky and Peiying.

About Arky:
Arky is a technologist, hacktivist and an artist with over 10 years of experience with GNU/Linux and now works at Mozilla as community manager.
You can read his blog. Contact him at facebook or tweet @playingwithsid.

Localized Thoughts

I have been working in Marathi localization of Firefox from about 4 months. There are several things which i realised in the process. Localized builds of Firefox are not popular in India. Which is sad but true. Unlike European countries indians prefer to use english builds as they grow up seeing eveything english. But maximum people who do not know english still use a computer find it very hard to cope up with.

                   If we want people to use firefox in their language, we have to give them a reason to use it. We have to make the builds popular. And we have to do it through schools and colleges. We have to target specific language medium schools. Here we have to make the child’s parents understand that how important it is for him/her to use Firefox in local language.

                            We have to make people understand that using localized products does not make them look backward. The goal is to make people aware of what they have in their hand. They have the world’s most awesome browser that too in their localized language.