Mozilla @GMRT

GMRT(Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope) is the world’s largest radio telescope operating at low radio frequencies. GMRT Observatory is managed by NCRA-TIFR.

Group of Antennas at GMRT (miniature)

National Science Day:
National Science Day is celebrated on 28th Februaury for the discovery of the Raman effect by C.V Raman. C.V Raman got Nobel Prize for his discovery.

Main Attraction @GMRT:
The main attractions are the giant antenna and the two day grand science exhibition. The exhibition consists hundreds of students, professors, professionals and scientists.

मंडप क्रमांक ९(Tent Number 9):
This was the place of our stall. We(Mozilla India community) were with FOSS community India. FOSS community was showcasing Debian, Knoppix and Raspberry Pi. We had a bit of tough job in hand because of the following reasons:
1)People were in a hurry(a lot of them went away because we just had laptops!).
2)We couldn’t show people anything(Damn! No Internet!!).

What we did:
There were some awesome people who came, heard us and MIND BLOWN!!(Most of them said Hey!! I didn’t know that! This is awesome!).
We explained following things:

  • Mozilla’s Mission for Open Web
  • Privacy & Security
  • Localization
  • Webmaker
  • Firefox OS
  • Firefox Student Ambassadors (FSA)


Most of the people were interested in Privacy & Security as they could totally relate with it. People were totally amazed when they saw Lightbeam.

Special Moments:

(from left) System Administrator at GMRT and System Administrator at NCRA

The System Administrators at NCRA(National Center for Radio Astrophysics) and GMRT visited our stall. They were very happy with our explaination(specially loved Lightbeam!). They also wanted Mozilla events at NCRA. We assured them that we would definately come.


School and college students were eager to do webmaker events at their schools and colleges. We distributed Mozilla India Stickers among the kids! (That amazing feeling when you see happiness at a childs face!). FOSS Community India along with Mozilla were felicitated with a quote ‘for people by people!’Image

This exhibition was an important event because a lot of people come here (say about 25000!!!(2013 count)). This was an oppurtunity to reach up to the crowd we always dreamt of. We were pretty amazing for the first time. This crowd varied from 10 year old to 60 year old. We need strategies for handling these kind of events. One thing we can say for sure, everybody who came to our stall went with something new in his/her mind.

A big Thanks!:
Thank you! GMRT guys for arranging food, accommodation and transport. Thank you! FOSS community India which made Mozilla presence possible. All Nashik community Thank you! guys for coming all the way.

Full photo set at Flickr

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