Localized Thoughts

I have been working in Marathi localization of Firefox from about 4 months. There are several things which i realised in the process. Localized builds of Firefox are not popular in India. Which is sad but true. Unlike European countries indians prefer to use english builds as they grow up seeing eveything english. But maximum people who do not know english still use a computer find it very hard to cope up with.

                   If we want people to use firefox in their language, we have to give them a reason to use it. We have to make the builds popular. And we have to do it through schools and colleges. We have to target specific language medium schools. Here we have to make the child’s parents understand that how important it is for him/her to use Firefox in local language.

                            We have to make people understand that using localized products does not make them look backward. The goal is to make people aware of what they have in their hand. They have the world’s most awesome browser that too in their localized language.

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